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    Amidst ever-increasing drug prices and new therapy launches, your hospital's pharmacy will likely spend more money than what's in the budget—so how can you ensure your initiatives will meet those goals?

    That's why 1200+ pharmacy professionals across the country use CPS Optimizer pharmacy management software.

    Within our Clinical Purchasing & Drug Spend Optimization module, the platform takes real-time data into its advanced algorithm to review your drug expenditures and automatically identify top conversion opportunities for clinical cost savings and optimized treatments.

    Directors of Pharmacy can then activate initiatives to support financial strategies that result in additional savings for the clinical program. From there, they can maintain systemwide visibility of the purchasing program's clinical and financial performance to promote and accelerate real-dollar savings -- all in one place.

    We can quantify those potential savings for you before you even sign up for a subscription. In our preliminary Purchasing Data Analysis, our clinical experts conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your recent drug purchasing trends. This analysis enables us to identify valuable clinical initiatives and quantify your top cost-saving opportunities that can provide your organization with a significant competitive advantage.

    See what a real Purchasing Data Analysis looked like and the $850k+ in savings it identified for one hospital by filling out the form.

    Download a Purchasing Data Analysis:


    DOP Initiatives: Clinical Purchasing & Drug Spend Optimization

    How pharmacy management software is the key for DOPs to save real dollars in 2024

    How Does Your Hospital Pharmacy Benefit?

    • IN-DEPTH ASSESSMENTS We review clinical and financial performance, regulatory requirements, compliance status, standards of practice, accreditation standards, policies and procedures, and more

    • GUIDANCE BY PHARMACY PRACTICE SPECIALISTS We advise your pharmacy while addressing performance barriers and introducing a culture of continuous improvement

    • CORRECTIVE ACTION PLANS We benchmark performance and identify opportunities

    • SPECIAL COMPLIANCE PROGRAM We deliver keen focus on 340B programs, USP 797/800, controlled substance risk, accreditation readiness, and more

    • LEVERAGE OUR YEARS OF EXPERIENCE CPS has delivered over 250 customized sterile compounding consultative assessments for diverse compounding operations

    • RECEIVE A COMPLETE SITE ASSESSMENT using our proprietary audit tool

    • RECEIVE A DETAILED EVALUATION OF STAFF AND SYSTEMS including personnel training and evaluation, an operational review, and more

    • FOLLOWING ASSESSMENT, CPS will deliver a written compliance report and a corrective action plan detailing findings and recommendations to bring your compounding pharmacy into regulatory compliance.

    • CPS WORKS WITH YOUR THIRD-PARTY ADMINISTRATORS to capture the claims which now meet the standards for inclusion in your 340B program


    Case Study: How Drew Memorial Slashed Total Drug Spend to <$20 PPD


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